Chez updated with provisional 2023 “OSPD” lexicon

The provisional word list for school, church, etc. list has come out. They removed some words that are surprising to me. Hopefully they will get some blowback and restore a few. For what it’s worth, I only play using the tourney and club lexicon for North American, because that is the list I’d encounter in a club or tourney setting.

The lexicon on this site known as “OSPD” is actually now the list known as NSWL2023 (provisional). They will finalize this list in a few weeks, and I’ll make another minor update.

This list is not used on the Gladiators sister site since that is a tourney site.

The raw statistics:

Total # of words : 195763

Adding 4618 words

Removing 331 words

On ChezMoi, press “members” button and then click “USEFUL SCRABBLE STUFF” and you’ll find a link near the top that has the complete transition list. I will post a note and update that list if any changes occur with the final word list.

Author: benwood

Co-administrator of Chezmoi and Gladiators

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