North American Lexicons Updated

On both Chez and Gladiators, lexicons have been updated to the 2020 word lists.

SCHOOL lexicon: OSPD lexicon is known as NSWL2020 (school word list). There are 4178 word additions and 174 deletions since the last update.

CLUB and TOURNAMENT lexicon: no additions, and removal of 236 words deemed offensive by a committee. This made the news rounds last summer when it transpired. I’m not sure why their list has 236 words removed, but on our site, my Java lexicon updater shows 259 removals. I may have missed a transitory correction last year.

But either way, if you want to know what changed, then from the Chez play panel, press the ‘member’ button along the left, then click “Useful Scr*bble Stuff” and go from there.

I’d say the remove word list is not for the timid, except many of us have been playing those words for decades.

From NPR regarding the changes: