2021 CSW (SOWPODS) lexicon update coming soon

The site’s CSW lexicon (still labeled on the site as SOWPODS) will be updated within two months.

Here’s a reference for the CSW lexicon: http://www.scrabbleplayers.org/w/SOWPODS

Unfortunately, I haven’t run across any information regarding the added words or any removed words (as happened to the North American word list recently). Officially, this word list goes into effect in club and tournament play on January 6th. This pertains to non-North America only, for the most part.

So I’ll update the site to conform to the around the start of the year. I’ll add a note here if I find a reference to the upcoming changes (or someone can post a comment with a link).

Also, today I revamped the way the Exchange/Pass works on the site. I’ve been meaning to do this for some time (years!). The main purpose of the changes are to make it easier to see what you are doing (better text/clarity for what you are exchanging and what you are keeping), and to prevent people from accidentally passing (keeping all tiles) when they meant to exchange a few tiles. I have done that myself a couple times (d’oh!), and I got a report of at least one other player doing that this week, so that the time has come to clean this up, and I’ve done that finally!

The new blue Exchange button will not work unless you’ve checked at least one tile for exchange.

Below the exchange button, there is still a PASS button, which is necessary at times such as when you have no legal play. Read the warning before passing and keeping all your tiles, however!

And there is still confirmation required before either an EXCHANGE or a PASS.